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Your values are key to unlocking passion

Personal values play a big role in determining your passion in life. Those deeply held beliefs and those assumptions that you simply adhere to can help you discover your passion in life.

If you've never taken the time to look at your personal beliefs and values, take the time to walk through them. A word of warning: you could spend your entire life doing this!

Our values dictate our own behaviors in any number of situations. As such, you likely have a few areas in life where you simply HAVE TO ACT to make a difference because your personal values have been violated by an individual, a group or even society.

You may be frustrated at work because something you're being asked to do rubs you the wrong way -- it's hit up against your own values.

Take the time to start understanding your personal values by asking yourself some key questions like:

  1. What keeps me awake at night?

  2. What conversations drive me crazy because I have a different perspective?

  3. What kinds of movies or TV shows make me cry?

  4. If I could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?

Your passion and values are intertwined! One doesn't exist without the other.

And this isn't just about deep-seated social causes! You may be passionate about teaching people how to crochet (yes... there are some out there)! Watching someone try to crochet but using the wrong stitch might make you crazy!

Perhaps you're passionate about music. Listening to someone play a wrong note drives you insane! Quality music can be part of your core values! That doesn't mean you're shallow... we have many things we value! Good music might just be one of them!

Take the time to explore your values.

Understand those times in life when you simply cannot sit on the sidelines. You have to get involved and make a difference!

To learn more about discovering your passion in life, visit the Be Passionate website: While there, check out other resources to help you unlock your passion and be the person you were created to be!


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