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Passionate about curing cancer

Pelotonia was very personal this year.

I am not even going to pretend like it was easy. It was hard. Really hard.

Besides not having any real training and carrying a few extra pounds (you know, like 100!!!), I persevered to finish this race! But this really wasn't a race. It also wasn't about me, my abilities, or my lack of athleticism. This was about something much bigger than me.

Every pedal I pushed forward and every dollar I raised enables some really smart cancer researcher, on the verge of a breakthrough, to keep working to find a cure for this horrible disease. So I pressed on! When I wanted to quit at every hill and turn, I pressed on! When I was the only bike on the road with a team of law enforcement and medics at my rear, I pressed on! When my legs began to cramp to the point of excruciating pain, I pressed on! For me, the symbolism was if the cancer researchers don't get to quit finding the cure, then I don't get to quit!

So I made it to the finish line and crossed it! Now it's the cancer researchers' turn! As long as I have breath in my lungs and blood in my veins, I will never stop fighting to help find a cure, so that people like my amazing hubby Brian will have a fighting chance! Thank you to all of my supporters who stood at the finish line with me and all those who saw fit to donate to my campaign and whose support I literally had at my back!

I love you all more than you could ever possibly know and I thank you for helping me be a winner so that we can help all of our loved ones who battle cancer become survivors!


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