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Leading with passion

As I sit here in an airport, waiting for my flight that's been delayed a few times, my mind wanders to the many times I've been in airports waiting for flights. There's always a destination but the destination, no matter the length of time, is a temporary destination.

I'm flying to see family in Colorado.

I'm flying to see family in Iowa.

I'm flying to return to family in Ohio.

I'm flying to visit an orphanage in Bolivia.

Each flight is part of a longer journey we call life. Daily I get up and my routine begins by considering my passions. On the inside of the front door of my house is my growing Passion Board. Like a vision board, my passion board paints a picture of the journey rather than a destination.

Every day I consider how I can take a step in my life's journey and ways to make my multiple passions a reality. We don't grow when we're static, we grow and mature when we're in motion.

Passion boards are a new concept to me and I suppose serve much the same purpose as vision boards. I can have a vision for what I want my life to be, but what do I do when I arrive? Passion boards are all about motion and moving me from point "a" to point "b" with an understanding that there's always more to come.

Too often we're consumed with being and with things. Passion is all about the journey. At the moment I lead a nonprofit that focuses on kids around the globe. That's my passion in life. I also work for a company - but my life isn't centered on that point. However, it does enable the journey - it enables the passion!

Even when I'm in a meeting at my job, my passion leads. It's what gets me up in the morning and helps me make it through the day. My passion helps me to strive to do better at my job because of the benefits that my job affords me.

Not everyone can make a living from their passion. Or some people start making a living with their passion only to find it's now something they despise because what they cared about became real work.

Long term I hope that my passion becomes my job and remains my passion for years to come. But I cannot deny that it keeps me moving forward in my job... and that's not a bad thing.

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a co-worker at my job and she had a passion for what she does every day on the job. That's amazing! I applaud her for it. The point of our conversation was to show her another perspective. Do I think less of my work? Certainly not! Am I any less engaged? Not in the slightest! In fact I'm more engaged than some simply because I have a passion and I'm moving it forward!

Too many people simply have a job to pay the bills without any passion ... nothing deep inside of them to keep moving forward. I find that sad. Recently I've been in conversation with a good friend about passion and our joint desire to connect people with their passion and help them move forward.

If you'd like to talk with us about your passion, let us know. We're just in the planning phase, but we'd love to help you with your passion (whether you know what it is or not)!


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