Passionate About Inspiring Others

Lachandra may look familiar to you! That's because she is passionate about being on the stage in front of people. She performed with her daughter at TEDxColumbusWomen at the historic Southern Theatre. She also told her story during TEDxYearlingRoad at Whitehall-Yearling High School. And who could forget her star-turning spot in the now famous FrontRoom Furnishings commercial. If none of those sound familiar, you have surely seen her around town showing that Columbus spirit as a Certified Tourism Ambassador for the Greater Columbus region! La is a true purveyor of passion and purpose and she can't wait to help you find your own path to true happiness.

Doug is the guy you wish lived next door. He has the juiciest lemons this side of Florida! He is a master at philanthropy and has successfully run his non-profit Orphan World Relief for nine years! His passion for orphans and adoption has brought families together and improved the lives of thousands! Doug is also great at communication and change management. He effortlessly navigates through the toughest challenges in any environment with grace, dignity and compassion. His mentorship continues to develop young leaders in the public and private sector. He has a great sense of humor and he truly believes the best in people. Most importantly, he is ready to help take your life's calling to the next level.

Between the two of them, La and Doug hold three degrees, 10 certifications, three publishing credits, 10 awards, over 50 years of corporate experience and over 90 years of life experience


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